Monday, July 30, 2012

Marion James - Northside Soul

Great news from our (and Lattimore's) good friend Marion James down in Nashville...

Marion is the focus of an eight page full color spread in the current issue of Living Blues, along with some great photographs of Jefferson Street from the days when it stood at the center of the Southern Black Universe, and Marion and her beloved 'Buzzard' ruled the roost. "Looks like to me all the musicians kind of cared about each other and tried to help each other back then," she told Tim Ghianni, and Marion, through her beloved Musician's Aid Society, has certainly done her part to keep that spirit alive.

One cool thing about the article is that it appears as part of Living Blues' very first Digital Edition, and so you can check it out right here online.

I Fell

Marion is also excited to announce that Northside Soul, her first new album in many years, was released earlier this month on EllerSoul Records, to excellent reviews. She wrote most of the material herself, including this scorcher we have here. No wonder they call her the Queen of the Blues!

We will be hanging out with Marion on Jefferson Street next month as part of the Soul Detective 2012 Fact Finding Mission. Can't wait!