Tuesday, June 12, 2012

muscle shoals mystery

muscle shoals mystery

garry capeSpeaking of British record guys with unreleased tapes, Soulscape head honcho Garry Cape got in touch a while back with this: "I have all the Wishbone tapes sitting here in my office and am steadily going through them looking for unissued stuff... I found this song which, to me, sounds like it was cut at Hi. It sounds like O.V. Wright - but I think it is just different enough for it to not be him.

"Although it doesn't immediately sound like a Muscle Shoals recording - it may be that it is a song associated with the Shoals. I've run it by Wishbone head Terry Woodford and he has no idea - except to say what we already knew, that it's not one of his productions. I have thrown this around the UK, and nobody can come up with who it is - or may be." He went on to say that Terry thought it might have been written by Frank Johnson, but it's not listed as one of his compositions in the BMI database.

Unkown Artist

If I Could Kiss Her Lips One More Time

I agree, it certainly does put you in mind of O.V., and has a kind of 'Hi' sound, but in the end you can tell it's not him. I originally ventured a guess that it could possibly be Oscar Toney, Jr., but on second thought, I don't think it's him either. "It sounds to me like a 'finished' master, and probably has already been released," Garry said, "I really do think it is someone 'obvious' though!"

So, why don't we do like we did in the old Mystery Contest days, and award a prize (of as yet unknown origin) to the first detective to correctly identify who this might be (along with the evidence to back it up) in the comments... "Maybe someone can put us all at peace!"